Why Should You Considered Mumbai for Your Next Vacation?

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Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. It is the place that has been considered to be the dream land. People from different corners visit this city to fulfil their dreams.  If you want to taste the plethora of this city then you should definitely take a holiday or vacation to this land.

With a population of more than 1.2 crores, this city is one of the hugest metropolitan cities in the world.It won’t be wrong to say that Mumbai is the heartbeat of Maharashtra and even the country.  It is the financial capital of Indiaand the capital city of state of Maharashtra.  It might interest you that seven islands came together in Arabian Sea and made this huge mass of land. Thiscity is the entertainment and commercialcentre of the country and is home to globally much-admired ‘Bollywood’ movies. You should go to this land at least once in your lifetime. You can pick best Ahmedabad to Mumbai Flights and visit there within a few hours. It would be a complete delight exploring the spots of this city.After all, thereare many sightseeing spots in Mumbai. Folkswith any and all needs can come here and have a great time. Mumbai can be both expensive and cheap. Maybe that is the reason that one can get every range of income group living tunefully at this place.

There are various reasons that Mumbai should be your next holiday destination. Some of these areasunder:

Beaches of Mumbai

Mumbai, a cape that stretches out into Arabian Sea, has a wide coastline. Coastlines simply mean beaches and Mumbai sure has severalof them. Maybe these beaches of Mumbai are not known for their cleanliness but they are still must visit areas. Right fromthe beginning of Mumbai City, you can witness well-kept beaches widening out into sea.  A few of the popular beaches here would be Juhu beach, the Uran Beach and GirgaonChowpatty beach. The Versova beach that is near to Andheri is also worth a peep. Beaches of this city even fall into the realm of quieter suburbs of Vasai and Virar. Bhuigaon beach, Rajodi Beachand Suruchi beach are a few of the quieter ones.

National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park snuggled in the Mumbai Suburbs was previously known as the Borivali National Park. It covers more than one hundred sqkm and the huge park is quoted to be one of the most visited national parks in world. More than two million people pay a visit to this natural habitation every single year.

The park proudly houses the distinct plant Karvi thatflowers every seven years. Apart from this, one can also witness rich forests of shisam, teak, and flame of woods. Many tiny shrubs and flowering plants are also found at this place. Most of the species here are rare, and some even are on verge of extermination.

So, these were only a handful of many reasons that you should consider Mumbai for your next vacation. Come on, go ahead and check out Ahmedabad to Mumbai Flights and pick one as per your budget!