Travel Skincare Tips: How to Maintain a Perfect Skin on the Go

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Travelling anytime soon? It can be easy to forget your beauty regimen while you are travelling. You’ve probably seen all kinds of advice about how to take care of your skin when traveling, but here’s a little secret: most of that advice will NOT help you take the best care of your skin! There are some easy ways to keep your skin in the right condition when you are on the go. Check these seven travel skincare tips for a more beautiful and flawless skin.

Stay Hydrated

It’s a known fact that travelling takes your hydration. When you are waiting at the airport, carry a refillable water bottle once you are through the security. Drink plenty of water during your journey to eliminate toxins and keep your skin looking fresh.

Always Moisturize

You have heard of the saying, ‘moisturize, moisturize, moisturize’ when it comes to skin care rules. Well it happens to be true because using the right moisturizer can make your skin perfect. The airplane cabin is usually dry and absorb moisture from anywhere it can including your skin.  Remember to carry an intensive moisturizing cream to use on your hands, feet and any exposed skin.

Use Less Makeup

Excessive makeup during a long flight is a recipe disaster for breakouts. Carry enough cleansing pads and wipe away makeup for a clean and fresh face during our trip. When using cleansing pads, go for ones that will not irritate your skin. You can always apply makeup when you land.

Keep Your Oily Skin in Check

Do you have an oily skin? Instead of using cleansers when travelling, use a blotting papers. Unlike cleansers, blotting papers will not strip your skin of essential oils on your face.

Keep up your skin care routine

Never let your travelling halt your beauty routine once you reach your destination. There are many options to keep your skin flawless such as applying DIY face masks. You can also purchase your favorite skin products once you land or carry with you some portion with travel containers. Try to learn how you can downsize your beauty products when travelling.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

When travelling, the journey can seem long and boring. Take advantage of these time and put on a pack of cooling eye mask to get rid of puffiness around the eyes. This also allows you to get some beauty sleep on the flight.

Move a Bit

Long fights can cause body muscle aches, that’s why you should stand and stretch once in a while travelling. Stretching your legs and hands lets your blood circulate in the body. Standing and walking around the plane will do a lot of good to your skin as well as your overall health.

Eat Healthy

What you eat affects your health as well as your skin. When travelling, always eat health food that will impact your skin positively. Avoid taking lots of sugar and junk food. When you reach your destination, go both local and international healthy foods.