8 Travel Tips If You Have Asthma

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If you have asthma, you need to be extremely careful especially if you’re travelling as any slight asthma triggers can worsen your condition. Pollen, dust mites and mold can easily start an asthmatic attack especially when you’re travelling and have no idea of what to expect. When you go on a journey, you are never sure what you’ll be exposed to along the way or when you reach your final destination.

Issues such as air pollution from crowded cities or encountering smokers can easily trigger an attack. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot travel anywhere if you have asthma, the key is to prepare yourself and know what you need to do to say safe. Are you asthmatic and you’re planning to go a trip or vacation? The following are tips recommended by experts that can help you effectively plan your trip.

Know Your Destination

The first step to having a safe travel is to know your destination in good time. If you suffer from asthma, you need to know important details such as your mode of transport i.e. are you travelling by road, air, rail or sea? In addition, you should have your list of activities known in order to determine your safety. For instance, if your trip is to a mountainous or wooded area, you will be exposed to pollen and insect bites; you may also need to reduce your time outdoors. If it’s a beach location, you don’t have much to worry about as it won’t worsen your asthma. For trips to foreign countries, find out as much information as possible concerning smoking areas and recommended voltages for use of asthma equipment.

Get Checked

If you don’t want to put yourself at risk and worsen your asthma symptoms, you should never embark on a trip without being examined by a doctor.  Talking to your doctor about your trip details will put them in a better position to give you advice.

Carry Your Medication

When going on a trip, ensure your carry all your asthma medication with you. Ensure you have a sufficient stock of medication and top up just in case your medicine will run out while you are on a trip. Always keep your medication close to you in case of an attack. If you’re travelling by air, don’t keep your drugs in the baggage as you won’t be able to access them in case of an emergency on the plane.

Check Your Devices

If you have any devices your normally use, ensure you have checked and carried them along with you. Common devices used by asthma patients include peak flow meter, spacer and others.

Be Prepared For An Emergency

Talk to your doctor about an action plan in the event of an asthmatic attack and what you should do. It’s good to have your doctor’s name and number to facilitate quick contact. If you use a nebulizer, carry it when you travel.

Travel With A Friend

If travelling for a vacation, being accompanied by a friend or family member is a great idea as they can be of assistance just in case of an attack.

Have A Diet Plan

If you have certain food allergies, you should be careful about the food you eat to avoid allergic reactions. Let anyone in charge of preparing your food in advance know if you are allergic to certain types of foods.

Check For Medical Facilities At Your Destination

Before travelling, you should do your research and know the kind of medical facilities available at your destination. Have emergency contacts on hand just in case you fall sick and know in advance the quality of medical care offered.